As a speaker, my expertise includes: Black womenracism,and professional development and diversity and inclusion. I present on topics such as microaggressionsmysognoir, internalized racism, cultural competency, and career preparation, as well as the myth of the Black Superwoman. I also speak and present on topics such as, cultural misappropriation, Black women representation in the media, shadism and colorism.

My work is geared toward Black girls/women to motivate and inspire them in a world that often dismisses their experiential realities. I also facilitate and train employees in public schools and other agencies that work with diverse populations looking to enhance their cultural awareness.

I believe in change. I’ve seen it first hand and believe that we are all capable of powerful things when we have access, opportunities and support. My Speeches, Consultations and Facilitation of Workshops inspire, motivate and encourage positive change. I aim to help people and agencies live up to their full potential both personally and professionally.

I am honored every time I am invited to facilitate workshops or deliver keynote addresses. It is a blessing to have the privilege of using my voice and sharing my experience, knowledge and expertise to help bring new worlds into focus, important issues to the forefront, and positive change to people and their communities.

                                                                        SELECT MEDIA

That’s What She Said. Virginia Theater, March 2, 2019
Women’s March.  January 21, 2017
WEFT 90.1 FM. CU Progressive News. Featured Guest, “Racial
and Gender Microaggressions”. July 11, 2016.